Born in Cartagena, raised in Medellín, Colombia, Vanessa is a natural born athlete.Vanessa left Colombia at just 17 years of age to begin traveling in Europe and some time later found herself in Miami. Here she became a student of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition, NPC bikini competitor, fitness model, athlete, entrepreneur and founder and CEO of VMFit clothing. Vanessa is driven in everything she does and her passion for life keeps her hungry for more.
Vanessa has worked hard to become a strong woman both outside and inside. She enjoys working out in the gym as well as participating in all kinds of sports like boxing, tennis, volleyball, rollerblading. As hard as she works on the outside, she works even harder on strengthening her inner self.
 She truly believes that when one’s conquer one’s own fears, life becomes limitless.
She is a happy person. Her happiness comes from the joy within her. She understands, however, that life is certainly not without its challenges. She believes that it is often the journey that provides the best teachings, not the ultimate destination. Vanessa continues to embrace new challenges and strives to accomplish new goals.